Mill, Mix And Pelleting Plant

Mill, Mix And Pelleting Plant

The Farm Feed Systems mill, mix and pelleting plant proportioner mill mixers provide a system of continuous flow proportioning milling and mixing without the need for batch mixing. Ideal for the production of animal feeds where quality and date of production is important.

  • Six separate ingredients including antibiotics
  • Accurately proportioned
  • Continuous operation
  • Easy installation
  • Runs unattended

Mill Mixers

Farm Feed Systems Ltd. Mill, mix and pelleting plant Proportioner Mill Mixers provide a system of continuous flow proportioning milling and mixing of up to six ingredients plus antibiotics or minerals without the need for weighing and batch mixing. This means that once the dials on the proportioner have been set and the machine started up, the whole process continues without the attendant labour. For example, if the receiving mixed meal hopper is three tons capacity and the mill is producing 1/2 ton/hour, in six hours running time the whole process of milling produces three tons of mixed meal without anyone being present.


Farm Feed Systems Ltd. 'Mill-Mixers' are simple to install. They can be supplied as separate units or incorporated in complete Farm Feed System Ltd. feed installations where they can be combined with the Farm Feed Systems Ltd. Farm Pelleter to form an automatic feed processing plant which minimises work, speeds output and reduces cost. A full range of hoppers and heavy duty augers is available to suit your individual needs.

Safety Measures

To prevent production of unbalanced rations, the unit is automatically stopped if any ingredient runs out of if the feed becomes blocked. Safety switches also shut off the mill if the feed augers become jammed or choked. Magnets are fitted to remove any tramp ferrous metal in the feeds.

Pelleting Presses

The Farm Pelleter is supplied with the 10 hp three-phase motor and the Multi Pelleter is supplied with a 25 hp three-phase motor. By fitting different die rings a variety of pellet sizes can be made from 3⁄32in (2.4mm) to ⅝in (16mm). The output of the machine depends on the type of ingredients, the size of the pellets being made and the fineness of grinding prior to pelleting. The meal being pelleted must be able to flow by gravity from the hopper which feeds the machine.

Runs Unattended

Once the machine has been started and the correct position of the control lever set for the motor amperage, the machine can be left running unattended and will stop automatically when the supply of meal from the hopper ceases or when the pellet cooling hopper is full.

Uses only cold water, no steam required

The ideal moisture content of the meal for pelleting is 14 to 17% but where the meal is drier than 14% water is added by a drip feed arrangement, which is an optional extra referred to as the humidifier. This includes a water tank, control valve and piping. A further optional extra is an electric solenoid water valve and automatic control panel which has a timing device to ensure the water is cut off in advance of the unit finally stopping. This automatic control panel is essential when the pelleting continues without attention, enabling the machine to be run outside normal working hours so that high daily outputs can be obtained by running the machine over long periods.

Multi Pelleter

The 25 hp pelleting machine besides having a larger output than the farm pelleter also has a special feed device which incorporates a pre-mixing chamber for receiving and mixing molasses with the meal.

Molasses Pump

The molasses pump is available as an optional extra where up to 5% molasses can be injected into the mixing chamber. The molasses is used instead of water, but where no molasses is used water is added by a similar humidifier as used on the smaller machine.

Mill, Mix And Pelleting Plant Components

Mill, Mix And Pelleting Plant Table

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