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Animal Feed Equipment Manufacturer, Farm Feed Systems Ltd manufacture a number of biomass equipment machines specifically designed for use in the production of animal feed. Central to any feed mill are the Grinder or Hammer Mill (used to convert cereals into meal) and the Pellet Press (for conversion of meal into feed pellets). In order to operate these machines efficiently, a number of additional items of equipment are required including cereal bins with loading devices, holding bins for milled cereals with meal transfer augers, bucket elevators for the safe transfer of hot pellets and pellet cooling bins. Additional items are often included such as medicant systems, moisture and molasses injection.

The Argricultural Engineering Company also manufacture a small Domestic Water Pump designed to provide fresh water where there is no mains water supply.

Training program:

There are 2 specific items of machinery that require detailed training programmes as follows:

Pellet Presses:

The operation of Pellet Presses is anything but an exact science. Operators learn mainly by experience through observation of the quality of end product. Additionally, almost every end user has different feed formulations which further complicate the best way to run the machines. For this reason, Company policy when supplying pelleters to new customers, is to provide operator training on site when installation and commissioning is complete. For over seas customers we can arrange to visit the site and provide a training service which would normally extend to 2 or 3 days. However some customers prefer to visit our manufacturing facility in the UK where we can offer “in house” training.

Hammer Mills:

The operation of our Grinders is very simple and requires little or no training. However, when fitted with our proportioner gearbox there is a process required in order to correctly set the output speed of 6 separate feed augers. This process can normally be explained adequately with instruction notes. In the case of over seas installations which include a Proportioner Mill, the setting of output augers can be included in the Pelleter training program.

Miscellaneous items:

When a feed mill is supplied to overseas customers, cereal, meal and pellet bins are supplied in flat pack form. Comprehensive instructions are included for on site assembly. There will also be a detailed wiring diagram to aid local electricians. Normally a feed mill is supplied with a pre-wired control panel which dramatically simplifies the wiring program. If a plant includes medicant, humidifying equipment or molasses injection equipment, operation of these items can also be included in the pelleter training program.

Domestic Water Pump:

This machine is normally built complete and tested in our own Factory prior to despatch. Installation and operation is very simple and requires no training. In over seas applications where PKD (part knock down) is preferred, we are able to provide a short training service either in the UK or at the customers site. This would include both method of assembly and test programmes.

Spares & After Sales support


Farm Feed Systems maintain a comprehensive range of spares for all its current items of equipment. We also keep stocks of consumable parts for many obsolete machines on the basis that many working machines are in excess of 40 years old. Stock holding value is approximately £150,000 at any one time which ensures that urgent spares can be supplied the same or next day. For our Pellet Presses we also hold stock of replacement Dierings and Roller Shells, a policy not operated by any other Diering manufacturer.

After Sales Support:

Within the organisation is a total of 40 years experience with the equipment offered. This enables almost all customer queries and/or technical problems to be resolved with a simple telephone conversation. Fax and e-mail facilities are also provided where detailed instruction is necessary to aid problem solving issues.

Contact names:

  • General spares requirements: Daphne Beddis
  • Water pump technical support: Peter Webb
  • Feed Milling technical support: Phil Herbert

The company is available for after sales help during normal working hours. During holiday periods, the telephone is transferred to a home telephone on the basis that animals need to be fed 365 days a year.

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A Little About Us

Farm Feed Systems was established in 1999 originally concentrating on the provision of Animal Feed Mills to farmers and specialist feed manufacturers throughout the world. The company continues to manufacture and support these products.

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